Pastor Dorothy Black

Her name is Dorothy which means “gift of God” and that is what she is to the body of Christ. She has traveled far and near sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, in conferences, retreats, and for Women’s Day Programs. Within her local church, she serves as the Church Administrator, Assistant Women’s Leader, Pastoral Overseer of the Children Church and the Clergy Ministry.

Her burden for the unsaved, and for the backslider causes her to petition God in prayer for their lives.  As the high priests of old carried the burden of the nation (Israel) before God in prayer, to stand in the gap, to petition God on their behalf, she likewise stands in the gap for the spiritual life of others, to hedge their souls in for the Kingdom of God.  Her call is to pray souls into the kingdom of God.  Relentlessly she remains on her post as a watchman for the Lord.

Kandee G

Kandee G is a radio talk show host, television personality, coach, author, speaker, magazine publisher and the founder of Nothing But Good News Media. She is also the originator of The Vision Program, specializing in developing sustainable long term visions to transform companies and individuals from the inside out yielding extraordinary results. She has a strong desire to effect real change, especially in the lives of women as she, herself, rose from a life of meager existence, as a single parent, to a life of bounty and joy.

In this age of sound bites, providing good news in the media is the primary intention and the purpose for Nothing But Good News New World Media. Kandee G’s principles are based on YOU living your remarkable life; which is the basis for the magazine, radio, webinars, blogs, online presence and in all the work that is delivered. Kandee G is dedicated to bringing high quality information to the public through all of the programming and to satisfy the increasing demand for integrity, honesty and impassioned living. 

Kandee G’s mission is to help others create their vision. She feels that the true path to having the life you want begins with having a strong, clear, vision.  Kandee G has brought her expertise to hundreds in an affordable new coaching and membership program, iVisionMyLife™.  With coaching calls, guest speakers and a community forum, people all over the world are enhancing their life and living the lives they dream. Visit for more details.

Pastor Marivel Reyes

Lic. Marivel Reyes is a Senior Pastor of El Shaddai Church, a growing Hispanic church in Austin, Texas.  She is a dynamic church planter and speaker and has spoken in several pastor’s conferences across the U.S.  She is a board member of Evangelism USA and an active member of the Latin Ministerial Alliance of Austin.

El Shaddai Church works together with different organizations to bring help and resources to the community and to reach people with the salvation message of Christ.

Also Testifying:
Barbara Bucklin – Luke 4:18 Ministries. Well known throughout Austin city-wide ministries, 

 Lucy Bona Caldwell, a minister, came here a few years ago as a refugee that could not speak a word in English. Today she is a kingdom entrepreneur, and a leader of women.

 Pastor Ruth Chen is the co-pastor of Travis Christian Assembly, former China underground church planter and wife of Dr. Ray Chen.